Site not loading backend or photos

I started using cloudflare today and already having trouble!!! was not loading AT ALL! After searching on the forum, i updated the IP address on the dns area.
Site started loading, nut not the backend, not the wordpress dashboard. Another search, and it was recommended to use full SSL encryption on cloudflare (even though i have my own on the server). Did that, dashboard started loading, but then MANY (almost every) image didnt load. Now i have to choose to use the dashboard or to show images.
Worst first day at cloudflare.

If you don’t give Cloudflare the correct IP address of your site, then obviously it can’t load.

Yes, Full (“strict”) is recommended with SSL on your server to ensure data is encryted end-to-end and your origin SSL certificate is valid.

You have an HTTP->HTTPS redirect on your server, I recommend you use “Always use HTTPS” to speed up that redirection by doing it on Cloudflare as your site is quite slow.

There seem to be some errors showing in the console, a 404 when loading There’s also some cross-origin issues so see if you enabled security headers under the managed transform rules.

hi, thanks for the help!
First: i keep the FULL SSL on cloudflare
Second: select Always use HTTPS on cloudflare
Third: check the force SSL redirect is OFF on my server

All done.
How do i solve the error you showed me of the / dont know what that is!
I did not enabled any security header on Cloudflare. Should i activate them to speed up the site?

Thanks a lot, really!

Not “Full”, use “Full (strict)” to be secure.

You can leave that switched on just in case. Cloudflare will always redirect first, but leaving this on gives a fallback in case you accidentally change or break your Cloudflare configuration.

Don’t enable the security headers yet, it may break your site more.

You’ll need to talk to your web developer to see if the 404 file is required and needs to be fixed.

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Thanks for your patience!
Now that i have set SSL to Full strict, i get Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

Make sure the SSL certificate on your server is from a trusted CA like LetsEncrypt (not self-signed), is not expired and covers the hostnames being used for your site.

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turned it back to just full. Client is really pissed off and i can´t keep on playing.

I wouldn’t call making a secure connection “playing”. Make sure you let them know that their site and users are not secure as you have configured it now because their server certificate is invalid.


You can always secure your origin with a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.

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