Site Not Loading After Pointing Cloudflare DNS

I pointed 2 websites onesourcebookkeeping and nationwideprocessing dot com to Cloudflare and both were showing active.

Unfortunately, after a while, both sites stop loading and started showing Godaddy’s coming soon page

So, I removed Cloudflare DNS for onesourcebookkeeping dot com and the site started showing again after a while, but nationwideprocessing dot com still not showing.

So, I assume there is something wrong with Cloudflare configuration? Here are the DNS records-

Can anyone check this and help me?

Contacted Godaddy and the support says no issue from their end and they recommend to use Godaddy DNS.

Thanks in advance

onesourcebookkeeping is bypassing Cloudflare, and is not loading with HTTPS. It needs to have SSL before you add it to Cloudflare.
I suspect nationwideprocessing is the same issue.

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