Site Not Loading After Changing Nameservers

Site not loading after changing nameservers. I have waited about 24 hours. Is there something I need to change or wait longer. Saying “can’t find server” for http and https. Thanks!

I am getting this on mobile in safari

It says there’s an SSL problem. Was this site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

It had an SSL until about a month ago. I had it removed. It was not working with https.

I changed the encryption mode to flexible for now and it’s working. I don’t understand what would be causing this though since I no longer have the other SSL.

Hi @melanie1,

You need that certificate on the server to secure your site:

So I will need to purchase another one on GoDaddy?

You can do that, or they should let you add your own certificate, in which case you can use:

Which will work when your site is proxied through Cloudflare with SSL/TLS mode Full (strict).

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