Site not loading after adding TXT record

I have a friend with a linux web host which uses cPanel and a separate domain registrar. A few days ago I added a TXT record in the DNS Zone Editor (cPanel) for the site validation needed by Google Webmaster Tools. The validation worked but now the website will longer load using the domain’s URL. It has been off the internet for days and even google no longer lists it.

I don’t think I touched any other settings. I didn’t touch anything on the domain registrar’s control panel, and the name servers look fine. The web host is still up and I can see the domain name using the direct server url. The URL will not ping.

My next step is to go into the cPanel Zone editor and choose the Reset Zone option (under the gear icon) and I am wondering if I need to worry about screwing thing up worse. Of course, the website is no longer resolving to the domain name so it couldn’t get much worse at this point. If I hit Reset Zone, with there be any problems that I need to be aware of? Are there any other tools I should be aware of to help resolve this problem?


Hi @ssl, it sounds like you’re setting up Cloudflare via a partner, there may be other cpanel users here that can offer some suggestions. Can you share the name of the domain?

To be honest, I haven’t gotten to the point of adding Cloudflare yet for this domain though that is next. It isn’t a question specifically regarding Cloudflare. I don’t really want to state the domain name. The reason I’m asking here is that the community is pretty responsive and I’m hoping it would be an easy question for the network admin audience.

TXT records do not affect if and how a site loads.

I added it late at night after a long day. The only thing I can think is that I fat fingered one of the other lines by accident. Normally I make sure I’m wide awake before doing something like this.
It sounds like my next step is to hit the Reset Zone button in cPanel, which sounds like it should reset to working settings and not just wipe everything clean. I guess I’ll try this after lunch.

If someone knows if the Reset Zone won’t work for me, or has any other ideas, let me know or else I’ll just give it a go after lunch and hope for the best.

Thanks you sandro for the reply.

We can start with your domain :slight_smile:. Which one is it?

ok, it is .com.

Not a record issue. Your domain has been suspended by the registry.

I thought this problem had been resolved. Can I ask how you found this information? And thank you very much!

Whois of your domain.

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