Site not listed in Cloudflare and I can't access it

My site was being protected by Sucuri, but I chose not to renew my subscription with them. The site is now down as a result, and when I contacted GoDaddy, they said it was being hosted with Cloudflare. I checked and I do not have any sites hosted with you under this account. I cannot remember if I have another account, so I tried doing password resets for every email address I use but never got the reset links. So im wondering if you could help me track down what’s going on with my domain and if I might have another account I forgot about.

What is the domain?

You can put the domain into (go to “Forgot my email?”) and it will email the account owner.

If you don’t get an email, then unlikely you can get access to the account, if there is one. If the domain is with Cloudflare (or you want it to be), then you can create a new Cloudflare account, add the domain to it, then change the nameservers at your registrar (Godaddy?) which will then allow you to control the DNS for it.

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rockmastery dot com

Your domain is registered at Godaddy and is proxied through Cloudflare…

You will need to find out where it is hosted though so you can recreate the DNS records if you create a new Cloudflare account (or use anyone else’s DNS).

Apparently the DNS is pointing to Cloudflare: [Preformatted text](

The DNS is with Cloudflare, yes, but that is then pointing to Sucuri, who you haven’t, and don’t want to pay. You need to find out where your hosting is (I assume it’s behind Sucuri).

The last non-Cloudflare and non-Sucuri IP address is for Google Cloud in October 2021 so maybe your hosting is there.

Either way, if you can’t recover your Cloudflare account, you can create a new Cloudflare account and change the nameservers to those required for that in order to gain control of your DNS, or change the DNS to Godaddy or another provider. But none of that will locate where your site is hosted. You must be paying someone for that hosting.


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