Site not forwarding if www left off

Team: the Cloudflare support ticket system is not working properly and this seems like such a minor issue. my website will not automatically forward if a first time visitor leaves off the www. the site was moved to Cloudflare from godaddy. any tips?

Do you have a DNS entry for WWW in your DNS settings?

Does it point to the root domain?

Do you have a page rule to automatically redirect requests for www to the root?

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Sad. my first attempt to get some help on a simple issue for my site (a whopping 1 month customer) and even the support ticket page wouldn’t work!!! this is a desperate attempt to get some response from Cloudflare, as every time I tried to submit a ticket on this the site wanted more details and then wouldn’t allow it to be submitted.

i simply need some help from Cloudflare to fix my dns as my site will not forward if someone leaves off the www for ceoperformancenetwork and since I can’t submit it, I can’t seem to fix it. ugh.

Hello, just to add a note, I’ve merged your two topics into this one.

Thank you for sharing your domain name here with us.

Is it dot [.] com like, or?

I can get the, however it seems there is no DNS record found and being added at DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Therefore, seems like you’re missing the A type @ ( record, while the www exist :thinking:

Add the new record, select A for type, therefore enter and point it to the same IP address as the www is and make sure it’s proxied :orange:.

The step-by-step instructions from the article below should help you:

Otherwise, would you like to have a or in general?

There is a way to make a redirection from non-www to www, or vice-versa.
If interested, here is how to achieve this:

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