Site not being cached


I’ve had cloudflare for almost a year. Just discovered my site is not being cached. I wrote to support and they said “I can see you are using the partial setup, which means your root domain is not protected or benefited from Cloudflare.”

I really don’t know where to begin to fix the issue.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Partial Setup means you configured Cloudflare through a third party. Typically this means that your URL should be using the ‘www’ prefix. “Root domain” means you’re not using ‘www’, so it’s probably not routed through Cloudflare.

What’s the domain?

Hi. Thanks very much for your reply. domain is helpfulhome dot com

I’m with siteground as a host. in speaking to them, they said i’d need to make the change to www. Only concern I have is that I’ll hurt my search rankings.

They said it’s 100% necessary to switch to www to get cloudflare to work. If I just go through cloudflare directly, can I avoid needing to make that that change?

Yes. This is the preferred setup. You’ll have to disable the Cloudflare setup at Siteground, then manually add your domain here.

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