Site not available over https


I thought I set up my site to use cloudflare. I wanted to use it to get SSL certs working. I updated my nameservers to the ones provided, but now I am getting “connection refused” when I try to visit “”. http still works here though. What am I doing wrong?



Loads for me:


Although, it does look like your website has mixed content issues, and tried to initiate a ws:// connection over HTTP (this should be wss:// for secure websockets).

Mixed content is in the main request:

        <script src=""></script>

and browserLayout.js tries to initiate ws://:

    this.connection = new WebSocket(
      'ws://' + process.env.REACT_APP_URL + ':1338?desktopClient=1&roomId=' + localStorage.getItem('room'),


Note that CF only supports certain ports. You’ll need to change 1338 to another HTTPS port that CF supports:


Haha nice! You found the code! I was aware of the mixed content issue, however the site is still not loading for me in https. Maybe this is just a propagation issue if it’s working for you. Thanks for looking into it.


Also, good to know about the ports. Thanks!