Site not available after migration

This weekend I migrated 4 sites from GoDaddy to HostGator. 3 of the new sites are working, the main one is not.
Cloudflare is the registrar for all 4 sites.
DNS A record points to HostGator for all 4 sites works for 3 of the sites. -> 404 page -> 404 page

I can use a to get into the wp dashboard of

So I need help fixing this. I don’t know where to start or what questions to ask. redirects everything to aboyz. It looks like the redirect is caused by WordPress. It’s as if the ezmototim WordPress installation is configured as a different domain.

Your comment triggered an idea. I changed the siteurl and home fields in wp-options table to be That’s the way they should be. That didn’t fix the 404 error. is a short code I created using HostGator said to use that while the site was still pointed to GoDaddy. As I understand it, that URL goes directly into HostGator and my site. I used that url to update the fresh installation of WP, delete unwanted plugins, etc. That’s how the url got put in WP.

Thanks for the help. I’m still digging.

Edit - there must be a cache issue as I can get to the site and the login on my phone.

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