Site Not Appearing

Not certain if this is where I’m meant to ask this question but thought I would try. I uploaded my website using IPFS and I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if I just need to wait a while for it to show up. ( is the site.
I use Cloudflare for my hosting and the site files are also pinned on Pinata and my local IPFS node.

UPDATE: I did a hard refresh and clear cache on my site pages. Seems some of them are appearing now but others are not. Also, my site still does not show on a different browser, in this instance Brave, though it does show on Chrome. Perhaps I need to wait awhile for it to fully propagate?

I’m not sure about the way the URL looks though;

Is there any way to make it an SSL connection? and/or to make the URL appear only as
Instead of it showing the ipns.localhost:8080 situation?

Thanks for any help on this matter! :smiley:

Anybody have any ideas I can troubleshoot? :innocent:

If you are talking about nameservers then yes, nameserver (NS) changes can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate!

However, your site seems to load up properly

I can’t provide a screenshot (of the webpage and what I see) cause it’s not processing it (probably too large).

For me, it looks like this

So it seems you are getting redirected, whereas I’m not. Are you sure you’re typing in the link correctly? If not even 1 character can cause a redirect like this!

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