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Hello, everyone. I wonder if I’m missing something. I’ve recently signed-up to test the free CDN. It’s been almost a week and my site isn’t any faster and using CDN Planet’s CDN Finder tool ( it doesn’t appear my site is using a CDN. I’ve changed the dns. Am I missing something?

From what I can tell that tool only detects if you are loading stuff from a CDN by seeing if there is a request made when the page is loaded. If you look at my results here and here you see that I get alerts triggered for Cloudflare and google because I am loading stuff from them. If you don’t load anything from a site that it detects then it won’t show,

Do you know how I ‘load stuff’ from Cloudflare?

If you signed up for Cloudflare and configured everything correctly it will do it automatically. It won’t show because it will be through your own domain and not a third party one.

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Going off what @matteo said, everything is loaded through Cloudflare but with your own domain name. That tool only checks if you are loading external scripts, styles, etc. from other sites which are CDNs.

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