Site not active?

It seems that after swapping a domain from one cloudflare account to another I have something wrong.
It defaults to the server error page still.

I see a cPanel error page.

Try using the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from your domain’s Overview page here. Then give if five minutes to take effect.

After that, your site needs to work with HTTPS before you un-pause it.

Thanks, I have done that and not I get the https warning and then the default screen

It’s using some other domain’s SSL/TLS certificate ( for your site. This is bad. It should be your own domain’s name on that certificate. Ask your host to fix it.

I am not sure that will matter at the moment since the certificate will come from Cloudflare.
I can change the cert but the site is still dead.

As I said, there’s no point in proceeding if you can’t get the site to work with HTTPS on its own.

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