Site not activating

i changed my domain dns names
also when i check it with whois, it shows the correct dns names

but in cloudflare its Stuck in “Pending Nameserver Update” status

in cloudflare, i deleted the site and added it again …

but didnt work

here is my domain

You might want to contact your registrar, right now your entire domain does not resolve. As long as your domain is not working Cloudflare cannot verify the nameservers either.

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

You’ll also want to check your site’s SSL certificate, as your server is not configured for SSL right now.

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thanks alot
but how it shows the dns names here

Sure, but that does not mean that DNS works. That’s why I suggested to contact your registrar to clarify that.

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Thanks alot :relaxed: :pray: :pray:

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