Site moved to new server but DNS only works in "Development mode"

We’ve moved a site from cloudways to a new dedicated server.
We’ve updated DNS, set to DNS only, and set Caching Configuration to “Development Mode” and updated the A records to point to new server.

Whenever I try to turn off development mod and purge all cache, the site does not respond (error 520 - Host error).

Same happens if I try to change DNS A records Proxy Status is Proxied.

Any ideas on how I can turn off development mode and have A records “proxied” without having these errors?

When your A record is set to DNS only, you cannot use any Cloudflare features.

Enabling or disabling the development mode should thus not have any effect at all.

If the site does not work after enabling the proxy , you should try to get that working before enabling the Cache.

The cause is often an improper SSL configuration. Make sure that SSL in Cloudflare is set to Full (Strict) and that your server has a valid SSL certificate.

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