Site metrix is worst after enabling cloudflare free plan. New to CF

Is there a possibillity of making my site slower after enabling Cloudflare free account?
Before setting up clouflare the metrix were → [Preformatted text](
After 2 days of setting free Cloudflare account and nameservers → [Preformatted text](
What am I doing wrong? Can I correct my site’s performance on free plan?

Can anyone help me or do you think that clouflare can’t help my site?

check with https in gtmetrix

ur site is fast

thank you for your reply, but I don’t see much of a difference (with or without cloudflare).
Is there a way to correct the above using cloudflare or not?

First Contentful Paint → 2.1s (A good user experience is 0.9s or less.)
Speed Index → 2.4s (A good user experience is 1.3s or less.)
Largest Contentful Paint → 2.2s (A good user experience is 1.2s or less.)
Metrix from

Your site looks like it’s static. You could use Cloudflare Pages, or make a caching rule to cache everything

your site load 1.1 for first test and 0.6 second test.
u test ur site without https try put https for test.
and redirect ur web to https.
and check for waterfall in gtmetrix so u can decide what to do

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