Site map error

hi All,
I’m very new here so bare with me :slightly_smiling_face:
Im getting an error on google search consol which says “sitemap can be read with errors”.
Anyone know what this means please?
Thanks !

It sounds like the sitemap can be read but some directives have errors - for example does it point to other sitemap URLs from within it?

Hi, thanks for answering. I’m very new to this so I dont know what “point to other sitemap URLs from within it” actually means.

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For example if your existing sitemap points to other sitemaps like this: Manage Large Or Multiple Sitemaps | Google Search Central

It could be the first sitemap is retrieved ok but the links to the other ones fail…

I think we need to know the actual domain where this is happening, not the registrar.

Thanks, would you mind showing me how I find both for you please?

We’ll need to know your domain name and the sitemap address.

Thanks, i have 2 I think. and
Sitemap is

Neither is using Cloudflare, so whatever issue there might be, it’s not something you can fix here. You’ll need to discuss this on an SEO related forum I am afraid.

Thanks, I was told they were using Cloudfare

Your host actually appears to be using a Cloudflare integration, so technically they are routed via Cloudflare but there does not seem to be an issue per se.

What could be is that some security settings block some requests, but as you are not using a proper Cloudflare account you can only talk to your host to clarify what the issue is. They should be also able to point you in the right direction where to check that.

Thanks for your time

As I thought, the sitemap.xml file points to other files… But they all seem to exist and return some content so this must be something else - and I don’t think it’s Cloudflare related.

Check the other files are complete and working:

The first one seems to only list range of products and could be that when Google bot tried to access the file it encountered and error. Look at the Search Console again and see if the status changed since the last time as the product range seem to be working.