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My site loads without the correct formatting and with a blue background, except for occasionally, when I get a 502 bad gateway error message. I can’t see it properly on Chrome or Safari, laptop or mobile phone. However, my stepdaughter in another state can see it as it should be.

Servint says everything looks OK to them. They can see it correctly. Is it Cloudflare?


What’s the domain?

What does the 502 error look like? The top plain one, or the bottom fancy one, in this Support Article?


Site is

The 502 error is the bottom fancy one.


My husband got the trace route results, if that’s useful.

All this is way over my head.


I just got:

Error 502 Ray ID: 3d89df80c6012ea5 • 2018-01-05 22:28:52 UTC
Bad gateway


I got it to work by putting CloudFlare on “pause.”


Putting it on Pause bypasses Cloudflare. So the good news is you’ve confirmed the 502 has something to do with the Cloudflare connection to your server.

By any chance were you using SSL settings on Cloudflare’s Crypto tab? Your site loads fine now with HTTP, but HTTPS uses a self-signed certificate.

p.s. As a second grade (previously first grade) teacher, I’m browsing a lot of the content on your site. Good stuff!


I’ve got SSL on “flexible” and I’m using a “universal shared” certificate.
Whatever that means.

Glad you like the site! The blog’s 17th anniversary is coming up this month.

– Joanne


Set SSL to Full (not Full/Strict) and see if that helps.

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