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after use cloudflare my site isn’t working some time load to slow or some times error to load. What will i do now. without cloudflare my site work perfectly fine. what will i do? use another ddos production or new hosting please resolve my problem?

my site hoster is cpanel.

my site is ( )


That site isn’t on Cloudflare right now, so we can’t offer any suggestions as to why it’s slow.


now it on cloudflare i don’t no why it always show connection time out or some times very slow to load please help me… maybey it DNS record what ever it is please help to solve this problem.


Hi @sinhashubham971, you have under attack mode enabled, is that intentional? That is introducing a delay, is that what you mean by slow?

Also, on the Crypto tab, you may want to enable Always use https, even if visitors type http, the site will serve https.

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