Site link occasional redirect to malicious sites for mobile users

Not using Cloudflare at the moment but looking too. Some users are reporting when clicking links to our site from mobile apps (FB, Google app, Mail etc.) on both Android and Apple are being directing to “win an iphone” style sites. If they go back and try again it is successful. Clearing mobile cache does fix the problem but a lot of new users are facing this problem.

Any ideas?

You should check your code if there was something injected or use a different ad network (if any)

Hey Mark,

All looks clear. Not using any ad network.

But if you are not using Cloudflare, how should this be related then?

Moving to Cloudflare somewhat because of this issue but also others that we occasionally face.

As this is a local issue, Cloudflare cant help you there.

You simply need to make sure your site is working as expected.

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