Site keeps going down with a 523 error same time every day

Hi guys,

My site uses Cloudflare and keeps going down every day at about 11 PM with a 523 error for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, it is back up without any interference. I contacted the hosting company and was told that it was a problem with the Cloudflare connection. They cancelled my Cloudflare and replaced it with a new one, but it didn’t fix the problem. Its very strange. Wondering what I can do to fix this or diagnose it?

Good God :roll_eyes:

Considering this is extremely unlikely to be a Cloudflare issue I would switch to a more competent host after it is established what the problem is (which is likely your host).

A 523 is explained in detail at

The most likely explanation is your host is doing some regular maintenance around that time and hence the server becomes briefly unavailable.

Whats your domain and what timezone is that “11pm”?

Out of curiosity, is this a monitoring service you’re using, or are you just visiting your site at different hours?

To test, I suggest you set up a subdomain that’s set to :grey: so it’s a direct connection, then use a service like (it’s free) to monitor your main site on Cloudflare, and that subdomain that’s going direct.

I think uptimerobot’s minimum interval is 5 minutes, so I’m not sure if it’ll catch that downtime window.

I still think the :grey: subdomain is a good idea, regardless of how you’re monitoring…and see what happens.

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