Site keeps giving 522 error

Hello, my website is, and it is hosted with Green Geeks. The website keeps going up and down (gives 522 error when down), and Green Geeks says it’s a problem within Cloudflare. However, I can’t log in to Cloudflare because my website was set up years ago by someone else. Is there any way to stabilize my site? Thanks.

Did Green Geeks say what it is that they noticed problematic about Cloudflare?

Green Geeks wrote:

To further explain the 522error , even though the error page is stating that it is not connecting to the host, often can have various meanings. In this case, the issue is within Cloudflare and is most likely the issue of the A record IP address may not be that same as here on GreenGeeks.

We recommend logging into your Cloudflare account, manage DNS records and check to ensure that the A-record for the domain name points to

If the A-record is not point to, then we recommend updating and saving, then this should resolve the issue.

Green Geeks also recommended that I use skipdns to test my website, and skipdns still gives a 522 error.

Thank you in advance.

Have you confirmed if this is the case, by logging into your Cloudflare account and checking the DNS section?

Oh, I just noticed that you don’t have access to the Cloudflare account that’s associated with this domain. I think you’ll need to work through this flow, or contact support from the link over there: