Site just looping

I’m in the process of changing my name servers back to the original ones to see if things improve, but this is what happened:

I was using wp-rocket and changed Cloudflare settings according to wp-rocket’s suggestions.
While I was working on that, my site just suddenly stopped working. It just “loading” infinitely on browsers where i’m not logged into wordpress.

I contacted hostgator, and they have looked high and low for errors, and nothing on their end.

I even went so far as to deleting the theme and plugins off of wordpress, purged on Cloudflare, wp-rocket, wordpress, and cpanel. NOTHING.

I deleted wp-rocket - this didn’t help.
As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve changed my name servers back to the original settings- I probably won’t see those take effect until tomorrow. But does anyone have an idea of what could be going on?

I’m really frustrated. I’ve been working on this ALL DAY LONG. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

Without being able to see for yourselves, we can’t offer any likely solutions. What’s the domain?

Sorry… thought I did.

It’s been a long exhausting day. I’ve just requested for a site restore back to where it was earlier this morning. Hopefully that will give me some improvements.
I reverted to an older version of wordpress, and suddenly the site came back. However, the loading time on this website in insanely slow.

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