Site issues

I recently applied for Cloudflare on my site
i was told to change my nameservers to Cloudflare’s own
after changing it, my sites is not opening again
i cant acess the site again
please i need help

Can you please share your domain so we can take a closer look? Changing nameservers can take up to 48 hours in some cases due to DNS propagation.

i’m not allowed to send links

<a href""></a>

It looks like the nameserver change is still propagating:

And you also appear to be missing an A record for the domain:

Have you set this up in the Cloudflare dashboard under the “DNS” config?

yes my A record is active

please i need help

It’s up and reachable via HTTP but not HTTPS

Can you please share a screenshot of your DNS configuration, with any sensitive info hidden? I am now seeing more positive results in the A record of your domain.

I currently see this on the domain, which looks good!

It’s very likely you’re just going to need to wait for DNS to finish propagating in order to see the site everywhere, which can take up to 48 hours in some extreme cases. See Verifying propagation and caching issues when troubleshooting for more info.

It’s up via HTTPS now too, looked like the host was regenerating your SSL certificate or something?

so what do i do to change it to https

You don’t need to do anything. It’s looking good - you just need to wait for DNS propagation. Check back every few hours and refer to the previous links I posted for more information.

EDIT: See @cscharff’s post below: Site issues - #14 by cscharff. It appears you’ve added duplicate nameservers now from both Cloudflare and your old host, which you will need to clear.

please how do i enable ssl certificates

Your zone is likely not active on Cloudflare yet because you have not correctly updated the nameservers. Right now whois reports

Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

You need to remove the non-Cloudflare nameservers. Until the zone is active Cloudflare won’t issue an SSL certificate.


i have removed the 1st and 2nd nameservers

Cant i use more than 2 nameservers\

Yes and no. When using Cloudflare you need to use the two nameservers provided and only those two nameservers. Your two assigned nameserver hostnames are actually considerably more than two actual nameservers, though.

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I dont get you
Should i not use the nameserer from my host again

As described in the solution Site issues - #14 by cscharff, the presence of any nameservers other than those assigned to you by Cloudflare will disable your domain in Cloudflare. Do not use your host’s nameservers or you will break your Cloudflare instance.

The point that I was making when I said “yes and no” is that your assigned Cloudflare nameservers are not just two hosts running DNS. They actually leverage Cloudflare’s global Anycast network, which means you have hundreds of nameservers working for your domain with only those two hostnames assigned to your domain.

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Thank you