Site isn't loading after setting up Kajabi with www subdomain and redirect urls

My site isn’t loading since adding it to Cloudflare, adding the www redirect rules and connecting kajabi to the subdomain www. I did have to remove some A and AAA records in order to add the new CNAME record so I am wondering if that messed up the setup. Everything else seems to be correct so I think I am missing something that I can’t see.

What is your website?
That website seems to load fine for me, and redirects from apex to www subdomain.

What’s the exact error you get when trying to load it on your end? If you just set it up, it could just be local DNS Cache.
(ps. Looks like you have Cloudflare IPs for your apex A/AAAA Records. It is recommended to just use a single proxied AAAA record with 100:: (IPv6 Discard), although that isn’t your problem right now)

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Thanks for your reply. Happy it’s loading for you. Must be a cache issue then because it’s not loading for me in incognito mode either. Do you know how to clear the DNS cache?


Just tested off wifi and it loads using my cell network on my phone. So it’s for sure a local issue that I am not sure how to flush.

If your WiFi router provides your local DNS, restarting it will flush its cache sooner than waiting for it to expire naturally.

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