Site is sometimes slow

Our site is and we have free CF account activated yesterday morning. Site was running fine during the day but we experienced huge slowdown after 8pm (Google Analytics showed huge drop in visitors for that period too). Today site is running fine again. Last nights slowdown was mostly for users in UK, I guess, because site was running fine for me in Serbia. So, what should we do? Should we buy some package from CF or this issue is because of something else?

Most likely a temporary issue on your server.

Also, your site is quite heavy, 7+ megabytes.

Yes, site is heavy, and our server is very strong, we had no issues so far. Ok, I am leaving site active for now and gonna see if this issue is going to repeat tonight. Thanks

The problem here isn’t Cloudflare or the service hosting. You need optimize the site, especialy the img and rendering js. Cloudflare doesn’t miracles.

Ok, look, I know that, All I was saying here is that my site was running 100 times better and faster without Cloudflare in that particular time!

And I am gonna optimize those images, but just at this moment I wan’t to finish this thing first. To discover if this issue is up to CF. Because that slow loading wasn’t just up to images… And site was running great if you open it in Serbia, but not in UK. That isn’t up to my server since I never had that kind of issue before CF

How can you tell it would run “faster” without Cloudflare?

@sandro Sorry, that was for that first night only. Because everything was fine before we activated Cludflare. And it is fine now as well. No more slowdowns. Cloudflare is doing job as it should. Thank You all.

When you activate Cloudflare for first time or after total purging the CDN cache, it is NORMAL for the site to run slow for a few hours.

It happens that Cloudflare will be loading the resources on their servers as a bridge, there are visitors who request them. Then, it will offer them directly, without asking them again to the original server.

This may take more or less time depending on the amount of traffic received, as I said, will be loading resources into your network as visitors access more pages (and CSS / Js are usually already loaded in all of them). , but images, html and other resources of each one take longer).

Finally, keep in mind that this happens for every POP, and it does not load across the entire network of hundreds of datacenters. If the visitor is from NY, they will load the site there, and if there is another one from the UK, they will have to upload again to the DC in London.

You will have to configure the EDGE cache TTL well in a rule to improve the performance of what I explain.

Thanks alejandro. Will do.

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