Site is so slow behind CF from Karachi/Pakistan


We have a website which is suddenly running so slow today from Karachi/Pakistan. Site is using following name servers:
ajay ns Cloudflare com
lola ns Cloudflare com

When I bypass the Cloudflare and define website IP address into my hosts file, it all runs very fine. It’s just so slow when using site behind Cloudflare.

Can someone please check? if you need further info. please let me know.



domain is carjunction com

It is just so slow from Karachi > Pakistan but as I checked from UK and others it is fine behind Cloudflare.


Post the output of

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Your ISP routes you to Singapore

Yes, since I have been using Cloudflare over the several years, all traffic from Karachi > Pakistan is always routed to Singapore and that always works perfectly fine. It’s just today we are having this slowness issue with CF.

Can you post a screenshot which shows that the site is loading slowly?

BTW, sites which are using following name servers are slow from Karachi > Pakistan

ajay ns Cloudflare com
lola ns Cloudflare com

Other websites which have different name servers are not having this issue at all.

Here is the

where you can see that carjunction com is taking around 27 seconds to load.

And which URL exactly was it?

Simple home page it is www carjunction com I have also tried single image or other ULRs on the website and still this slowness issue.

Can you post a screenshot where it is evident that it is the main URL?

My question was which URL it exactly is.

https: // www . carjunction . com /

As seen here:

All right, so it is the document URL. Considering that everything else loads swiftly and it’s only that URL, your server may be throttling the Singaporean datacenter. Check your server logs and make sure there is no rate-limiting for IP addresses.

No, there is nothing in the logs which suggest any throttling.

It is also proven through other websites which are using same name servers of Cloudflare but are on different servers, those are also slow from Karachi > Pakistan.

For example, this website is also very slow (from Karachi/Pakistan) which is on different server but using name server as:

ajay ns Cloudflare com
lola ns Cloudflare com

The nameservers are irrelevant, the issue is on the HTTP level.

And - as I said - considering everything else is loading all right, this will be an issue with that particular URL and the code that is behind it. Replace your dynamic PHP page with a static HTML one and I’d assume it will load just fine.

Then why simply gif image is even taking so long just behind CF, see this

I would not call 188 milliseconds long for almost 100 kilobytes.

But again, did you replace the page with a static one?