SIte is slower when CloudFlare is enabled


my hosting is
My site is
Without Cloudflare, on Pingdom Website Speed Test, Stockholm server my site was loaded in only 500ms. It is well optimized with less then 30 requests. But I wanted same user experience for around the world. And I have enabled Cloudflare.

Now in Pingdom, with Cloudflare ON, for Stockholm, site is loaded in around 1 sec. For me site is also slower.

Why is this happening? Should I give it more time? I really want to use Cloudflare.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

I am also experience almost same issue with my website Site ground says cloudfare helps increasing the speed of the website. However I did not see much difference of the speed of my website. Also most of time purging does not work.

Unclear. You may want to talk to SG because there are potentially a lot of variables at play. At the moment you’re back to going direct and at least on the first run from London using web page test, initial connection was pretty slow. It improved significantly afterwards, but was beyond the 500ms total page load time you mentioned above.

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