Site is slow

Our site seems to be slower now that we’re on Cloudflare. Like the security, but having issues understanding why pages (especially 2nd and 3rd level pages) load slower now.

Is there anything anyone can see that might be causing this issue?

Thank you.

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Sorry, site is:

Slow? Really? It completely loads in less than a second for me. Once Cloudflare caches your files, it’s super fast. Every page on the site is like this.

I’ve gotta admit it’s a bit frustrating testing your site because it keeps opening links in new windows because you’ve set a Target of _blank.

The main page loads quickly for me too, however if you try to click on one of those links it takes a long time

That’s part of what I’m seeing – sometimes even the main page takes up to three seconds, however the secondary and tertiary pages always seem to take that long.

Sdayman – when users are opening various options on a splash page (as many of our secondary pages are), they find it easier to have all the ones they’re interested in open in new tabs, instead of having to constantly figure out where they left off. Decision to do it this way was based on input from several women (primary vacation planners). However your input is appreciated and just as valid.

By the way, quick question: does Cloudflare have technicians to look into this, or are we on our own (community-wise)?

Thank you

Does your site experience the same slowness when Cloudflare is not enabled?

If so, then you are on your own - it’s a problem on your end not Cloudflare’s

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Cloudflare adds a little bit of overhead if it has to retrive files from your server, but once they’re cached, you should come out ahead. Some suggestions:

  1. Use a Page Cache plugin for your site, like W3TC. It will pre-generate the pages for quick retrieval.
  2. Use the Flying Pages plugin to preload pages in the visitors’ browsers.
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I will change my DNS later today to see if there is a difference in page speed.


Here are the plugins we’re using now:

Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

SG Optimizer
This plugin will link your WordPress application with all the performance optimizations provided by SiteGround

W3 Total Cache

I’ll have our developer look into the links provided (above) and the plugins you suggest.

Any other input is much appreciated.

Thank you

Thanks for your patience in testing this. Here are the results. Essentially Cloudflare is having almost no discernible effect (which obviously it should). Any suggestions?

‘Before’ tests were run at 10:22pm with DNS still pointing to Cloudflare. (lighter internet traffic time)
‘After’ tests were run at noon the following day, with DNS pointing to Sightground.

Before – Page Speed: A (97%) | YSlow: B (88%) | Load Time: 2.4s | Page Size: 0.97MB | Requests: 37
After – Page Speed: A (97%) | YSlow: B (86%) | Load Time: 2.5s | Page Size: 1.04MB | Requests: 34

Before – Performance Grade: C 76 | Page Size: 1.1 MB | Load Time: 597 ms | Requests 39
After – Performance Grade: B 85 | Page Size: 1.1 MB | Load Time: 954 ms | Requests 38

PageSpeed Insights
Before – Overall Score: 64
After – Overall Score: 65

Thank you for any input and Help!
GOD bless you

I’m going to go ahead and return to Cloudflare for the security. I had Smush turned off for the tests (run above) because I think Cloudflare also compresses images? I’m going to go ahead and reactivate Smush as well, so the site is as it was when SDayman tested it above.

Site again is:

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