Site is slow 5-8 sec on first load time, than load ok


My Site is slow 5-8 sec on first load time

My site is it is joomla template with free cloudflare

Results from

Results from cloudflare diagnostic

My problem is that on first load time site is slow (5 -8 sek)

I tested it with chrome with different computers

The problem is that i cant replicate the slowness constanlty

In the chrome dev tools in network i see Waiting (TTFB) is long

The problem is that first load is slow, than ok, than after some time again slow

Dont konw why my site is not loading also in

What i would like to ask if someone maybe could look at my site using dev tools and analysis and cloudflare diagnostic and give some advice what could be done to improve first load time…

May be there i some clear thing that is not right and needs to be fix

Idea is to have good user expirince, one idea i have from forum is to use “page rule cache everything”, but maybe ther is other problems that need to be adressed.

I would realyy apriciate any advice

Caching should help

It’s important to do a before and after comparison. Did you do a webpagetest before you add it to Cloudflare? A link to that would help.

Yes, first load time was also slow 5-8 sek in orgin server, later on i could test by changing ns servers

Maybe you see somthing out of ordinary…could be orgin server issue… i plan to use chace evrything rule

Did you try installing your site on any other machine that isn’t your host? If so, was the website slow as well?

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no have not, but thanks, i will use this an option to dig further, at the moment i dont have different host to test that

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