Site is showing a default coming soon page

Hi Cloudflare Community!

My site is here:

I have set up my DNS records to point to my GoDaddy hosting IP (which have propagated globally - I have verified this when using :grey:)

Now, when I try to access my site using :orange: and/or https requests, I get the default GoDaddy coming soon page rather than my index.html. I have looked through my cpanel hosting and permanently deleted their default files and I can’t find any config file(s) that would route my site to the default page rather than my custom index.

I’ve even tried updating my existing .htaccess file to include the DirectoryIndex which hasn’t done anything - although I’m not an expert at all with using .htaccess so the other content in there may be causing an issue but I can debug myself as I don’t fully understand the .htaccess code. FYI, I am primarily using the .htaccess file to remove .html file extensions - /file.html to /file.

But also, when trying to access the files directly (e.g. using /about.html or /about) I get a 404 error, even though the files are uploaded to cpanel!

Anyway, when using :grey: and http requests, the site seems to work for me locally on Chrome and Firefox, but my browsers are saying my site is not secure and I don’t really want my site to be accessible using a connection that’s not secure. I’ve also contacted GoDaddy who have told me they’ve tested my site (not sure exactly what they did) but they said it’s all functional on their end. So I have been led to believe that it’s a Cloudflare issue.

Any help on this is appreciated! Thanks.


It would seem as if you do not have a certificate configured for your site on your server. Make sure you have a certificate.


Ah thank you! On further investigation, I was getting this error net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID so this seems to match up.

Thanks again.

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