Site is setup on the nameserver and cloudflare is registering it but not working/communicating at all

I have my nameserver setup on registar and cloudflare has acknowledged/accepted it when i select the domain registered it just like i don’t have anything running. In Overview it’s just flatlined all the way though. The service was running fine just before i moved server but i kept the domain name even all the files the same it was just a server move within the same organisation. Domain in question is [Https://](https://portugalia online)

Your DNS records are not proxied so requests are going direct to your origin and not through Cloudflare so no traffic will be shown in your Cloudflare dashboard.

You will need to edit the DNS records for your domain and www and set them to “Proxied” if you want your traffic to pass through Cloudflare.

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Thank you soo much its been a long day and i failed to spot that

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