Site is returning 'Apache Server at domain name Port 443' error

Site is returning #443 error. DNS checker is showing three other domains other than what are assigned on Cloudflare. Cache was cleared. Site was working yesterday. Web host directed me to check with CloudFlare instead. Hope you can help.

  • domain is

  • IP in CF is

  • DNS Checker returns:,,

  • Host is #Bluehost

  • Zoneedit info appears to match Cloudflare DNS

It looks like something has changed at the web host.

Go to Cloudflare’s Overview page for your domain, then click the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner, then wait five minutes.

Once that’s done, make sure your site is properly running with HTTPS before you un-pause Cloudflare.

Thank you for your quick response, @sdayman. Am conducting your test now. I will let you know soon.

So, after 5 minutes, test the domain in the browser?

Site is now showing ‘your connection is not private’ and the HTTPS is not working.

DNS checker is now returning the correct info, but the site is not resolving, only showing Error #443 without HTTPS. Re-enabling Cloudflare does not change this.

^^^ This is important.

How is this done if we’re setup with Let’s Encrypt on Cloudflare?

I have asked the host to help. They are resetting the encryption while CF is paused. This should take 30 minutes.

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If the only way for them to renew SSL is to Pause Cloudflare, then see if they’ll let you install a Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate.

They reset the SSL and the site loaded with returning the regular IP. With the site running, I reenabled Cloudflare and things blew up again. My Bluehost contact says:

"We always get Cloudfare and SSL issues and it is a known issue that both cannot work at the same time. However, I am checking with all the inputs you have provided with my admins. Please be on hold for 3-4 minutes while I check this for you. "

If this is true, it seems like only running it through Bluehost is the way to go. Can I still do it via Cloudflare? She will let me know soon.

They shot down the request for adding the Origin CA Certificate.

So how will this work? they reset their SSL then in CF I have Full TSL is that enough to maintain things or do we abandon Cloudflare?

A more descriptive explanation would be helpful. Cloudflare connects to your origin server as a regular browser would. If their SSL is functioning, and Cloudflare SSL is set to Full (Strict), then it should work.

Thanks for your help. Sorry I disappeared. I misunderstood something, now I know that the service would return Cloudflare’s DNS instead of the client. The ‘blew up’ was my seeing the DNS from Cloudflare, … misunderstanding what it was. I thought I’d made a mistake. When I returned to the host I fortunately had a more informed tech who helped a little more. She did not explain why the site was returning the error and admitted problems with Cloudflare. for now, Cloudflare’s service is paused. I have not had a chance to follow up with the client.

This ticket should be closed.

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