site is offline

after the installation, my site was no longer visible what could have gone wrong?


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www.astrokunst i have replce the old Nameserver of my server i realy dont no what is going on

Dot anything? :smile: .com doesn’t appear to exist

i am i amateur

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No problem! That domain doesn’t appear to be pointing to Cloudflare, it points to, the nameservers appear not to have been changed to the ones required by Cloudflare. Check that you changed them at your domain registrar…

I have resolved it again hopefully it goes well now

The nameserver change may take some time to propagate if you have changed them now.

the site is not seen by Analysis Error

Error resolving host DNS error

GTmetrix had problems resolving your site’s hostname. Please check that the URL was entered correctly and make sure your site’s DNS is properly configured.

Please see our FAQ on how to fix this error.

You should contact your registrar to make sure the nameserver change worked. Your registrar hasn’t correctly updated the NS records with the root nameservers:

$ dig NS
;; AUTHORITY SECTION:          3600    IN      NS          3600    IN      NS

i change it now i can’t any more access my wp admin, the site look dead

Hi, just to let you know that the site is online and working here in Germany. So all is fine.


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& for me in the US…perhaps clear browser cache?

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