Site is offline after pointing nameservers to CF

Just pointed nameservers to cloudfare, and received email confirmation from CF that Site is Active.
My site is now OFFLINE. very frustrating. No idea what to do.

You didn’t post your domain name, so we can’t troubleshoot, but my first suggestion would be to make sure that all the DNS records you had at SiteGround are now at Cloudflare. Cloudflare tries to guess as many as possible during its scan, but then requires you to check and add anything it missed after the scan.

(hold on…found the tiny print with your domain name)

First thing I see is there’s no ‘www’ DNS record. Still checking the rest.

Ok, that’s the problem. Without ‘www’, it redirects to ‘www’, which doesn’t exist.

I suggest you make another “A” record in DNS for ‘www’ that looks just like the ‘’ one.

will try that . thanks for the quick reply sdayman…

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