Site is not working in Dubai through CF


Previously, the site did not work in Dubai and Ukraine. After switching to cloudflare, the site began working in Ukraine. The problem with website accessibility in Dubai remains.

Anyone know how can I fix this? so that the site works in Dubai.
Can’t receive any answer from support for some time.

Thank you.

Hey, what sort of problems are visitors encountering in Dubai? Are you able to share an error message or screenshot?

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The site just is not working.
Please find the screenshot below:

Looks like a DNS failure, i’d recommend reaching out to the DNS provider you are using and ask why the resolution fails. (it’s probably been blocked by an ISP, is my initial guess)

In the meantime you could use the resolver

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we need to make the site available to all users in Dubai, how to do this?

First step, is to identify the DNS provider that you, or your users are using. If you’re in Dubai it’s probably Etisalat

Then you’ll have to ask them why they are blocking it, and ask them to stop doing that

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We changed the ns servers to new ones, the result:
It works with the local wifi, but not with the virgin operator.