Site is not responding/ loading after DNS change

I have updated 3 sites yesterday with Cloudflare DNS records.

Two are working fine. One is not responding.

eviaprivatetransfers[.]com and eviaseaplanes[.]com work great.

eviaprivatetours[.]com NOT.

Any idea? has a redirect from your apex ( to the www subdomain ( This redirect is being sent by your origin server (the actual web server behind Cloudflare). If this is intentional and you want your website to be primarily on the www subdomain, you’ll need to add a DNS record on your www subdomain and do any necessary setup on your origin’s side. If this isn’t intentional, you’ll need to explore your origin web server configuration to remove the redirect

but thats the case in the other sites, they have the same configuration at the server

eviaseaplanes doesn’t, it doesn’t redirect to anything and just loads on its apex.

eviaprivatetransfers does, but it has a record created for it on the www subdomain within Cloudflare.

To fix this issue, you have to follow one of those. Either don’t redirect, or add the required DNS Record for your www subdomain.

Can you explain me how please? I am a rookie ;(

If you are using a managed host, they should tell you what dns record you need to create (CNAME/A/AAAA) pointed at some target, within Cloudflare’s dashboard. The exact configuration is going to depend on who you are using though.

If you set up eviaprivatetransfers at the same host, it’s very likely going to be the same record type but just with a different target.

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i think i managed :wink: site loads ok now

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