Site is not longer working after migrate to cloudflare. redirect loop

site usually goes to

After migrate to cloudflare it stop working and do a loop going back to root. If youtry to access to it go back to so it doesnt works.

I have checked the site redirect and no rules. Checked cloudflare rules, no rules. i hace checked the site url inside the db, and is ok. So i dont know where i can find another redirect. any idea?

It was working fine with godaddy dns, just changed to cloudflare dns.

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The short answer is that your Immunify360 WebShield is conflicting with the Cloudflare Proxy. You should probably turn it off at your webhost.

You might also want to clean up some of your redirects. The meta http-equiv="refresh" is not every elegant or efficient. You have some chained redirects that could be improved by going directly to the correct destination.

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Thanks a lot for your help. it was very useful.

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Oups, after verifying and complain with host site. They will check internally if its possible.
I have solved partially adding 2 lines in the WP-CONFIG file:
—> define(‘WP_HOME’,‘site url’);
—> define(‘WP_SITEURL’,‘site url’);
With this, site works, but when i try to access to wp-admin site it says again the too many redirects.
this migration has become a pain, and supposed to be easy thing

I am not seeing any error when accessing your relative wp-admin path. Have you tried in an incognito browser session to rule out bad data in your browser cache?

It is easy… if you have spent half your life administering servers. :wink: