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getting this error for my domain ritijewelry

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Welcome to the community! Your problem seems to be a Shopify issue, and this thread may help:

If not, please include more details about your issue, so we can assist you better. Thanks!

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That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but is not proxied by Cloudflare. It also has an expired SSL certificate.

Please contact your host to get your site working properly before you set it back to :orange: Proxied.


i added domain after deleting domain and SSL certificate.Still have same issue.

Until the domain is removed from Shopify’s Cloudflare for SaaS account you will see these results when the domain is :orange: proxied.

This #tutorial provides more information.

Unrelated, your SPF record is invalid due to infinite recursion. An include statement pointing to itself results in a broken SPF policy.


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