Site is not indexing

I recently migrated a site to Cloudflare and none of the search engines can fond the site. we narrowed down the issue to an indexing problem and the only thing left is an issue with Cloudflare. I reviewed an article were another person was having the same issue and the aricle was closed without resolving the problem.

So far nothing but regrets moving the site to Cloudflare I am hoping I can resolve the issue and have my opinion changed.

url of the site is

I look forward to helpful responses.

You haven’t added your site to Cloudflare, but it is hosted through Kinsta (who do use Cloudflare)…

You’ll need to check your settings with Kinsta.

Your headers include x-robots-tag: noindex, nofollow, nosnippet, noarchive so your site won’t be indexed. I don’t use Kinsta so you’ll need to find out how to configure this.

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