Site is not going through Cloudflare

Hi, My site is Though the site is active in Cloudflare, the site is not going through it. Any changes I made in Cloudflare are not affecting my site. Please help.

Does your hosting provider specifically have a Cloudflare integration? If you added your website to Cloudflare regularly, it shouldn’t be active since the nameservers aren’t pointed to Cloudflare.

$ dig NS        10720   IN      NS        10720   IN      NS        10720   IN      NS        10720   IN      NS        10720   IN      NS        10720   IN      NS        10720   IN      NS

If so then why is my site shown as active in the Cloudflare’s dashboard?

This might have happened if your web host partners with Cloudflare or if the site previously had the correct nameservers but was changed. Cloudflare only re-checks for correct nameservers once every week or so.

To fix this, you should go the the DNS tab in the Cloudflare dashboard, scroll to “Cloudflare Nameservers” and change your domain’s nameservers to the two CF gives you in your domain registrar dashboard.

I just rechecked my nameservers and found that they are pointed to Cloudflare.

My hosting provider has a Cloudflare integration. However, I haven’t added my site from there. Instead I have added my site directly from my Cloudflare dashboard.

If your registrar shows the nameservers as CF then I’d recommend you contact them to see if there is an issue with the nameservers showing differently from what they are. Cloudflare nameservers don’t show up on both RRs and the TLD’s nameservers

$ dig NS        86400   IN      NS        86400   IN      NS
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I am getting this result. What did you get?

This helped me. Thanks

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