Site is not available from Russia

Good afternoon.

My site suddenly stopped opening from Russia. However, other sites that also proxy traffic through Cloudflare continue to open.

As soon as I turn off the proxy mode, the site starts to open. The site also opens via VPN.

How can I go back to what I had before?

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A very large number of users with different providers complain about this. But at times, the site begins to partially open again, and then stops working again

It may be that the Cloudflare IP address used by your site is blocked by your ISP/country due to another site sharing that IP address being the target of the block. There is nothing you can do about this apart from wait for the block to be lifted.

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Why can’t i switch to another IP of cloudflare? Hm :confused:

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If you could, so could the banned site. Then that IP would be blocked.


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