Site is not accessible since adding Cloudflare

Hello Everyone,

I really need help getting my site back up. I spoke with Tech support at my web hosting. They tried to fix it but ultimately told me that it’s on Cloudflares in. I tried to remove the name serviers and pause Cloudflare ssl and my site is still unavailable. I left a support ticket for Cloudflare 8am this morning and haven’t heard back. I was told be the hosting tech support that the IP address needs to be directed to my IP address. I went to the DNS on Cloudflare and changed the IP address. I don’t know if this was correct, but I need to get my site up. is the site

Appreciate any help with this. Thank you in advance

It looks like you have SSL installed. What’s your SSL setting here? Is it Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)?

I also see what looks like an iFrame set up for Incapsula. or maybe that’s something they serve for new sites?

I appreciate the help, but I keep getting directed to this article and another one that’s similar. I’ve read them both prior to my first attempt at getting help ( at 8a, now yesterday) and several times after, but it hasn’t help to bring my site back.

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