Site is non-reachable after changed to proxied

Hi, community!

I could not find proper solution.


  • registered in CF the domain
  • added A and CNAME types of records.
  • switched to Proxied status.

site was reachable when non-proxied (only DNS), but unreachanble when proxied. Browser returns timeout.

Tried several times to switch proxied/non-proxied. Each time have an access only when non-proxied.
telnet gives the save result.
If i understand the information in my cabinet correctly, there are no problems with SSL (Flexible mode).

What can be the reason of this issue?


  1. The web-app as available on port 9020.
  2. There are no limitations for IPs on origin server.
  3. knows about my domian.

Are you trying to reach when proxied? If so, that won’t work as Cloudflare’s edge only listens on these ports…

Alternatively, you could connect to (or you may prefer with no port specified, and tell the Cloudflare proxy to connect to your origin on port 9020 using origin rules…

You should always use “Full (strict)” since “Flexible” deceives users into believing their data is secure end-to-end which it won’t be with “Flexible”.



I have changed 9020 to 80 and reached my aim! Will work on certificates.

Thank you so much!

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