Site is longer showing in account


I have just logged into my account and my site is no longer displayed and am being prompted to ‘Add my site’ - It’s as if the account has been cleared completely.



Were your nameservers pointed away from Cloudflare? After a period (30 days I think?), the domain will be deleted if not pointing to Cloudflare. You will have received warning emails from Cloudflare before this happened.


Not that I am aware of. Don’t ever recall seeing any emails alerting me to this if they were changed. The odd thing is I logged into my cloudflare account 3 days ago and it was all fine.

Totally confused!


Can you share the domain?



I have also submitted an email to [email protected]


The nameservers appear to be set up correctly.

When you are logged in and it asks you to add a domain, what Cloudflare nameservers does it give?



but asks me to replace with Alina.ns… and kevin.ns…


Ok, have you definitely only got one Cloudflare account?

Can you try logging out and then logging in again to The fact that there are no domains in there and it has different nameservers makes me think it is a different account.

It would give Alice and Marek if it was the same account… Can you check what email the emails from Cloudflare go to normally and make sure you are logging in with that one?


I have 2 accounts but the other is for a clients website not my own and that uses a gmail account email.

This particular account is for my own site. I logged in the other day and changed the email account in my profile from [email protected]… to [email protected]… and also deleted a site that is no longer being used (, which I received a confirmation email detailing the deletion and also one for the email change, which were both sent to [email protected]

I logged in today and found the site ( no longer displayed and being prompted to add and website name…


I think support are probably best to clarify this.

I think there is something going on with accounts due to the different nameservers and no sites…

@cloonan @cscharff


Sure thing. Thanks for trying to assist me anyway domjh, much appreciated.