Site is loads like basic html version

Hey, my site is loading not and unstructured well as it was,
can anybody help me to figure it?
how can I solve?
I just need steps that I can solve my problem.
site is loads like basic html version
here my site name: price pacific

Your JavaScript code throws an error. Open the developer tools in the browser and check out the console log.

here what i get

That is unfortunately a bit beyond the scope of this forum.

which thing cause this problem? a server? wordpress theme? or Cloudflare?

It is not a Cloudflare issue, it is something on your server. I’d contact the person responsible for maintaining your site.

i appriciate your help. can i solve this problem manually?

You can debug your JavaScript code and try to find out where it breaks.

okay… sould i contact theme developer for this issue?

Who ever is responsible for your website @hiren.patel2728

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i’m using namecheap hosting

They are hosting your site, not responsible for its function. You need to contact that person or - assuming there is no such person - either hire someone or debug it yourself. Alternatively you can also ask for advice on related forums, here it is beyond the scope of this forum.

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