Site is down: Too many redirects error

My site was working fine this morning until I tried to create a rule to create a simple URL that would redirect to my calendar.

Now my site is not working at all and I get the error:
This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

I deleted the rule that wasn’t working and I think that is all I changed but the page is still down. I don’t think this has to do with the SSL Cert because all was fine until I tried to do this redirect.

Any ideas?

I tried opening the site in an incognito window and it still didn’t work so I don’t think it’s cookies.

Here is my DNS:

I looked at that but if the problem is with my SSL, then why was it working fine this morning? shouldn’t I be trying to get the settings back to where they were before I messed them up instead?

If I set it to Full or Full Strict, my site comes back up but my home page design is messed up with some images not even showing.

Thank you for your help AppleSlayer. I appreciate you sticking with me. I did all of these things and still the images are missing. Should they be coming back while Cloudflare is paused?

No, they shouldn’t! And this seems like a more complicated issue that may require you to contact Cloudflare support! So if you can please try contacting Cloudflare support, then post the ticket number here so someone can escalate it! (I’ll let someone know that can escalate the ticket) Note: This will not be needed with an enterprise plan as response time is less than 1 hour for customers on the enterprise plan!


I am sorry to hear you experienced an issue with HTTPS redirect for specific Page Rule.

May I ask you to share the example of that Page Rule?
Did you add https:// prefix with “301 Forwarding” to it, or how did it looked like? Was it redirecting to some external 3rd-party domain or?

Without knowing anything about a Page Rule, at first glance it sounds like you created a redirection based from non-www to www or vice-versa?

May I ask what SSL option have you got selected under the SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain ( Flexible, Full, Full Strict … )?

From your screenshot, did you tried to create a Page Rule for or
I am not sure if the A is the same as CNAME www.

Otherwise, if you tried to configure a Page Rule, for example for CNAME courses, it wouldn’t apply and won’t work as far it’s not a proxied :orange: hostname.

May I ask images on or some other sub-domain?

And you were using which one before this step (switch)?

Furthermore, I see redirects me to the also from HTTP to HTTPS works fine too.

Images are loading fine at my end while checking recently.


Hi Fritex,
I tried to create a rule but have now deleted it. I set it up from forwarding with a 302 Temporary redirect to Schedule Appointment with SisterSmart. (my Acuity calendar)

My SSL was on Flexible but is now on Full based on the string above. This has brought the site back but with the image issues. I had some trouble creating a redirect before and the solution was to create an A record with www in it so I tried that but it said it had one already. So I don’t think I actually changed anything in the DNS in the end. This is where I know just enough to be dangerous…

This is all on the main domain.

When I look at the home page, the Choose Your Adventure is supposed to have an image of a woman next to it. And, that box is covering my bio. Mari S. testimonial should also have an image and the bottom navigation has an image next to it as well. None of these are showing in Chrome or Firefox for me.

Looks like it just needed some time to update my account. My ticket number is [2358462]

This could be the root cause of the issues and Redirect Loops:

The Page Rule should look like below example, if you have had it and I would recommend using 301 Permanent Redirect:

Furthermore, I see your content is built up by NuxtJS.

I see there is the element covering this part, but not sure if it’s due to the:

  1. Builder you are using on your website → that element is created, but whatever I try to select it, I just cannot figure out which one is it so I could temporary try to “hide it”
  2. Content-Security Policy error
  3. Rocket Loader option being enabled at Cloudflare Dashboard → Speed tab → Optimization → Rocket Loader section. Have you tried disabling the Rocket Loader?

Have you tried clearing website cache via Cloudflare dashboard?

Also, there seems to be an issue with Content Security Policy, as far as I see when I look up into the Developer Console (F12) of my Web browser and see the errors.

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This site is built on a template that the site host created so I can’t speak to the more technical points you brought up. I can see that the SSL settings and Redirect I created probably created a loop. But how to get out of that now that they are changed?

I tried your suggestions of Purge Everything in the cache and turning off Rocket Loader but still having the same issues :frowning:

Hey there, I wanted to follow up and let you know what the problem was since you were both so helpful in trying to figure this out.

I turned off the Proxy on my A record and all is back functioning as it should be.

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