Site is down, removed & added again, whoops

I deleted all other name servers on our websites host registrar like Cloudflare instructed, now our site is down with an error page, but it’s active on Cloudflare. I don’t understand why this happened.

Can you share the name of the site?

Hello! Thans for the prompt email. I’m copying Jonny who has been making the update suggestions from support. That said, please reply all.

The name of the website is:

Ah, thank you. That error 1000 is an issue with a DNS record pointing to a cloudflare IP. I suspect you removed and readded the site. When you readded we scanned for IPs and found our own.

The audit log will show the original value of the IP, you want to edit the DNS A record and restore them to the original IP value of your origin server. The audit log is and the DNS records you want to edit are

Your hosting provider also knows the correct value for your origin server. Let us know if you encounter any issues in correcting this and let us know once you are successful!

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You also have 4 Cloudflare nameservers set at the registrar…

As @cloonan says, maybe you deleted and re-added the site (there is an additional pair of nameservers resolving for the domain), in which case you need to change from the 2 nameservers you had before to the to just the 2 nameservers currently shown at the bottom of your DNS page here, not add them as well.


So I am to re-delete the two not listed at the bottom of our dns page?

the dns values should be correct. Went through a lot with support to make sure of that.

Our website going down put us in a panic. How long will it take for it to come up once I do that?

Cloudflare is saying that our Nameservers are not with them yet everyone else is pointing back to Cloudflare. Our Nameservers are with Cloudflare, we updated the dns record per their specific instructions, and now our site is down.

What is the domain?

[edit] Same poster again.

You may have deleted the wrong 2 nameservers.

As mentioned, check the correct ones are set…


+1 yes @sjr

@user1592 duplicate posts just slow reply time. The nameservers currently assigned after you re-added your site are demi & jonah. Verify with your registrar those are the only two and have them remove any others.

They are not. The input on 3222121 (or was it 3219014)? Not sure, again duplicate tickets & posts just confuse things.

DNS records should be correct. But, they’re not. Here are your current records

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 12.21.09 PM

Those IPs belong to cf, Whois IP & Whois IP They are incorrect because that is what happens when you :point_down:

After you contact your domain registrar and ensure you on have jonah & demi as the nameservers, you need to :point_down:

Please, don’t open any more tickets nor create any more posts, the above steps will get your site operational very very quickly.

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