Site is down, Always Online not doing anything

My site runs on Dreamhost and it sometimes goes down for no reason. I setup Cloudflare to reduce the amount of issues. I just visited the site, and it shows “Site not found”. I know it still exists. It will show up again in 15 minutes. But I’d like Cloudflare to display the cached page when this happens. I opened my Cloudflare settings, and in caching, Always Online is checked on and I have a rule setup to “Cache Everything”. What am I missing?

Hi @josephlamere314,

This support article may shed some light on your issue, specially items 6 and 11.


The easiest solution , change your hosting provider ?

Umm… Looks like the site is online, it has a Dreamhost landing page. That is technically online, there is a chance that the always online caching service can’t tell the difference between your site being changed and needing to be recrawled and it actually being offline. This is just a guess of course as I don’t work for CF.

My guess is that the always online feature kicks in with caching everything setup under page rules and the site being actually offline (like not even able to ping offline). That is actually much more common than that landing page which seems to me like a problem with the WebHost and not with the network connectivity.

EDIT: Of course as noted in the first response:

In order to trigger Always Online, your web server will need to be returning a standard HTTP Error code of 502 or 504 timeout. Always Online will also work when we encounter issues contacting your origin (Cloudflare Errors 521 & 523), timeouts (522 & 524), SSL errors (525 & 526) or an unknown error (520). Always Online will not be triggered for other HTTP response codes, such as 404s, 500, 503, database connection errors, internal server error, or empty replies from server.


Or maybe will it be the Cname subdomain ip change problem. ?

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