Site is down after set cloudflare servers


I am new in cloudflare. I already changed in my registrar the server name, pointing to the ones of cloudflare. Until yesterday my registrar had the cloudflare servers and the servers of my web site host provider. And even with some interruptions, the site was working. Today I removed the server of my host provider from the registrar, and I only set the ones of cloudflare. And now the site went down the whole day. Could somebody help me ? Any other setting I need to change ? Thanks in advance


Hi ! it is

The site loads, but only on the naked domain. “www” wont work as you havent set up such a record. If you want it to work there too, you will need to create the respective record on the DNS page.

Could you write down for me, how to do that ?

#Tutorials has an article on that.

Ok. But for instance. As I can see, there are a few records like
Type: A
TTL: auto
proxie status: proxie
So my question is: What kind of record I need to add ? Name shoud be ? Content: ? TTL ?
Thanks in advance

You could add an A record with the same IP address or also a CNAME pointing to your naked domain.

I just added an A record pointing to and same content: It is not working. Also, control panel shows only the www without the domain.
And related to CNAME: what should I enter in TARGET ? I suppose that name is

There doesnt seem to be such a record. Post a screenshot.

here is the print screen

Now, there is a record and it should work. If it doesnt, you might have to wait for DNS propagation.

It actually does

so, you think that is right even though I can’t see the domain until the WWW ?
Do you think I need other record like the CNAME ? In that case, let me know the parameter for the CNAME. And many thanks for your help !!!

I could only repeat what I wrote in my last two replies :slight_smile:

Right now it does work on www.

I understand you. But please see this screen, only a couple of seconds ago

I am not a tech guy. How many minutes or hours will demand the “dns propagation” ?

Can typically take several hours. Basically you need to wait until your DNS resolver updates that record locally.

Ok, in your opinion my DNS records looks good ? Nothing else to do ?