Site is about 10x slower with Cloudflare

I have setup my site on Cloudflare and with Cloudflare calling a simple API takes about 400-800ms but when I send the same query directly to my origin server it takes only about 40ms.
I live in Melbourne (Australia) and my site is hosted on Azure servers in Canberra.
What should I do about it?

You’ll be most likely routed outside of Australia, thats a common theme, use the search for more details.

Routing depends mostly on your ISP and there is not much you can do in this case. As long as you dont get routed via the Australian datacentres you will have a higher latency.

I tried using other ISPs but they were not that different. Some of them were slightly better (around 350ms) but some connection were much much worse (between 1-2 seconds).
How does CF decided where to route the traffic? Does it mean that CF is useless in Australia and I need to stop using it altogether or maybe upgrading to a higher plan or something else could work?

Cloudflare does not decide where they route it, that is your ISP. That is not entirely correct, as Cloudflare does have some influence too but it is complicated.

Check your site at and post a screenshot of it.

Cloudflare is not “useless” in Australia, but latency will depend on routing. Paid plans are more likely to be routed through Australia (in that case Cloudflare does seem to ensure the sites get better routing announcements).

Here’s the screenshot.

Sorry for not including the domain name. I’d rather not post it online. If you think it’s required, I can send it directly to you.

Yes, in your site’s case you are routed via Japan. Other free sites route via Singapore. Only Pro seems to be mostly Melbourne and from Business onwards it seems to be Melbourne is somewhat “guaranteed”.

Thanks. It all makes much more sense now.

How often do these routes change?

Can change at any time without notice.

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